Tess Nash Illustrations

Illustrations and artwork by Tess Nash - All works on here are by, and belong solely to me, feel free to reblog with any notes attached, or to ask me anything :) 100% Original Content

Working on my latest commission piece. Here I am just experimenting and exploring the bear form; how they move, their stance, their expressions etc. This is an extremely personal piece, and hopefully my client and myself will both create something beatific, I am looking forward to this one! He is very specific :) xx

Just a little butterfly with some more white pen detail. I’m loving my white pen :P 
Original up for grabs :)

This is one of my all-time favourite photos, and the white pen detail is, once again, inspired by tribal patterns. About A5 sized, it is drawn onto photo paper and the original is available for purchase.

An alternative version of my deer drawing, inspired by tribal patterns.  Photos of finished piece and close ups. Detail drawn in white pen onto photo paper.

Hope you all like it :) xxx

Here’s a little ducky I drew :P Well.. I drew around him :) Detail drawn in white pen onto photo paper. Custom sized and original is available!

Check out my website for more details, or message me on here :) xxx

Shameless self-promotion :P

Check out my new website! I’m still in the editing process but I’m pleased with it so far :P All my work is organised and lovely :P I never knew how much work it was :O xxx


This is the finished piece from my Stag drawing. I am very happy with this one and it is featured on my Society6 page :) It is inspired by my work on Native American culture and their relationship with nature.

For sale!

All my exhibition prints are for sale! Available framed or unframed, message me for details :) XXX

Field sketches from my holiday :) just trying to get a sense of the place and the kind of plants that were there.

There will be some work based on this soon hopefully :)


Latest work in progress :) not entirely sure what this is going to end up as but I’m really enjoying drawing him :P

Found some old college work, and am surprised to find that I actually quite like them now. All on A1 paper.

Based on my work looking at Native American stories about the moon.Tribal inspired doodles in white ink. I thought the background of the Crow Moon was nicer than the actual images, so I did another version… :P I love drawing patterns and coming up with new ones, its harder than it looks :) xxx

My first prints going up for sale WORLDWIDE :D Get yours now ;)


Prints for sale!


Anonymous said: I really like how you actually know how to respect Native American culture, unlike those other people who wear headdresses as fashion accessories. You actually learn the stories and stuff, and you show your appreciation through art. You're doing it the right way. Keep on going, your art is fantastic!

Thanks very much! I’ve always loved stories anyway, and finding out about other cultures has been a big inspiration for me for a while now :)