Photoshop again :D I’m loving the layers right now it’s just so much fun. This is based on the song by Pendulum called ‘The Tempest’, which I listened to a lot during my break-up. The birds represent, un-originally, how much I wanted to get away and just fly… :) Birds are based on my Escher project from my A levels :)

My final piece for my A Level project. I made three of these sculptures and they are a sequence of one bird in flight. They are currently separated and scattered around my garden :D They are based on my movement project and were inspired by Etienne Muybridge

Also, check out my inspiration blog, it’s full of stuff that I find in the depths of tumblr :P hopefully some of you will find it interesting too :) xxx

My work has been selling quite nicely :P I’m absolutely over the moon and I can’t wait to sell more :P it’s a slightly wierd feeling that my work is on the wall of someone’s house who isn’t my family :D

Just a pic of me and my hair :) I’m quite proud of how nice it looks in this photo, usually it’s a mess :P

Sneaky peek of my new sketch :) this is the start of my first piece for the new project I’m working on…

Sorry for the absolutely awful quality, the light is rubbish :P

These are my first pieces of work for my new project :) Looking at the moon and the myths surrounding it, I will be doing some new sketches soon which I’m pretty excited about, but I’m also going to be using photoshop alot more which is kinda new for me :D so watch out for new work from me and feel free to ask for prints or commissions :) xxx

Thought I’d make my own version of this quote, and warming up getting ideas for my next project :)

Prints are now available of all of my exhibition work. Feel free to order as many as you like :P


Anonymous asked:

Did you do artwork for Rose Lee cafe in Nottingham by any chance? (:


No I don’t think so ;) I’m a bit far away really lol. Is there work there like mine? X

Newest addition to my series :) I was very happy with this one.
I am also nearly finished :D yaaaay

I have a new Facebook page, have a look and if there’s anything you like message me :) I’m pretty excited about this :P

Check me out here >

Just finished this little one :) a red squirrel for my show, less than a month to go and I’m still not ready :/ eeek.